Monday, September 8, 2008


amidst all of the hullabaloo of rapidly falling interest rates (yeah... when i process it, remind me to tell you all that we're buying a house), Lilian and I took an art break on the steps. She got to wear her crazy smock and try to figure out water color paints (because I could not find the fingerpaints anywhere). Watercolor paints seem to be difficult for a toddler to conceptualize. She just kept dipping her brush in the water, instead of the paint pad. Anyway, she sort of figured it out in the end and had fun working outside. At one point she tried using a pine branch as a paint brush...

By the way, mini-muffin tin worked GREAT as a paint/water receptacle.

And why was I so compelled to lock in our rate last week? Why couldn't anyone have told me that they'd be falling so much so fast? Ugh. I need one of those financial crystal balls. Maybe there's one on Freecycle.


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