Monday, September 15, 2008

And the weiner is...

#8 - Casey! So, no way it was rigged, right? And for those of you who didn't win... Just come visit us here in lovely Burlington (didn't you hear? We're moving into our new house soon!), and you too can sample the delicious Vermont Canadian Maple goodness.

And, so you know I ain't lyin':

My random number generator consisted of 8 numbered pieces of paper, a bucket, and Lilian (because there is nothing more random than a 2 year old, and because it made for a fun 5 minute project):


Rachel said...

she looks REALLY pleased with herself!

Casey said...

she does look quite pleased with herself, and i must say that *i* am quite pleased with her as well. hooray, and thanks, lili! (and you too, of course, june)

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