Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving? Check!

Well, we are moved in and pretty much settled! Of course, we still have plenty to unpack, but we are in relatively normal living conditions as of now. Which means, functional kitchen (though it has yet to need to function thanks to friends' meals and takeout...), all of Lili's toys out, and some of our clothes. It's a record-breaking move, I think.

On Saturday, thanks to an amazing group of family, friends, new neighbors, co-workers and Budget truck rental, we were able to move 95% of hour belongings in 3 hours flat, with a lunch break thrown in. It was truly incredible to have so much help (and a lot of it was unexpected, which made it all the better!). Keith's mom was the most incredible of all, being such an untiring packer, mover and unpacker. It's solely thanks to her that our kitchen is up and running now. An amazing feat. Lili was quite the trouper, spending the whole day with Anna and Emma and Theron (she had a BLAST swimming and crafting and cookie making), and she slipped into the new house seamlessly.

Sunday was the big trial, as we were all beat from moving but still had a lot to accomplish. It didn't help that Lili developed a raging fever that day (I am SO sorry to Anna about this, and hope that it was just from stress and not too contaigious?). She was so pitiful with her glassy eyes and listlessness, but nonetheless we all powered through it and got everything (dust included) out of the apartment. Lili's fever spiked on Sunday night, and Monday Keith and Sue left in the morning and Lili and I spent the day "recovering" so to speak.

We now have cable (yay!), and phone and internet (double yay!) so we are feeling more like home every hour.

Oh, if only I hadn't shattered the blender jar on the kitchen floor today, then it would have been a break-free move.

the living room prior to move-in

and now, with our stuff... looks well lived in already!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

moving progress

We are making progress packing and moving into the new house. We are. It's tough when you're only moving 1 mile away and you have 10 days to do it. Hard to be motivated. But most everything is in boxes (except for the kitchen), and we've already made several trips over to the new house to bring fragile items and hard-to-box items. Tonight's revelation? I can't believe it is day FOUR of packing and I just remembered that big empty boxes make great toys.

lili's room. nothin' like packing them all to realize your kid has too many toys.

Monday, September 22, 2008


while i don't want this blog to get all preachy about politics (is that a conflict of interest???), i do have to say that the more i read about Palin, the more i want to cry. in a bad way.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i can see clearly (part deux)

In another attempt to see clearly... I got a my first pair of Rx sunglasses! The frames came from Sierra Trading Post, and they used to have pink lenses in them. I got the lenses at LensCrafters (I'm now a big fan... they have such an enormous selection of really cool frames), and within 8 hours... Visible Sun Protection! And I didn't even think of it before, but now Lili and I have matching pink sunglasses:

Too bad it's NOT SUNNY today!!!

House Pictures

Click on the picture above to go to an album of pictures of the new house. Forewarning: the house is EMPTY so the pictures might be a little repetitive (empty room with windows) and boring. More pics after we move in!


Hey! Look to the left! I added the option for RSS feed, which means that you can now "subscribe" to my blog using a news feed notifier! If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it, just keep checking the blog periodically. If you do know what I'm talking about then YEA, you don't have to obsessively re-load my blog because your service will tell you when I have a new post!

Thanks to Melissa!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i can see clearly now!

So, over the past few weeks, my eyes have been suffering because my glasses lenses are crazing. Yeah, it's a technical term. But basically it means that it will drive you crazy because your lenses become almost impossible to see through. But today! My new lenses arrived in the mail, and I can finally see clearly again.

Yes, we bought a house! No, I have not gotten my act together to take pictures of the new place, so you'll have to wait. I promise soon.

And, instead of doing new-homeownery type things today we decided to hit up the harvest festival and energy fair at Shelburne Farms:

Nap today got all off kilter so maybe we'll move a carload of stuff before dinner...

Monday, September 15, 2008

And the weiner is...

#8 - Casey! So, no way it was rigged, right? And for those of you who didn't win... Just come visit us here in lovely Burlington (didn't you hear? We're moving into our new house soon!), and you too can sample the delicious Vermont Canadian Maple goodness.

And, so you know I ain't lyin':

My random number generator consisted of 8 numbered pieces of paper, a bucket, and Lilian (because there is nothing more random than a 2 year old, and because it made for a fun 5 minute project):

Thursday, September 11, 2008


hey-suess!!!! there are a LOT of people on Facebook. And, now me too!

100th post

Well, Blogger has informed me that this is my 100th post! Hooray!

To help me celebrate, I'm inviting you to participate in my first ever Comment Contest! Originally I got the idea from Courtney but I've participated in other bloggy contests in the past.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post by Monday, September 15th, at 9:00am to enter the contest. I'll use a random number generator to pick one winner. The winner will have to contact me with their address so that I can send this fabulous prize:

That's right! A true Vermont treat (made in Canada)! Maple flavored hard candies. These have been catching my eye ever since we moved here and are seeing "Maple" stuff all over the place. Being the sweet tooth that I am, I had to buy them for YOU, one lucky reader to win!

It's my attempt at finding out who reads my blog on a regular basis. So, one comment per person please and good luck!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday, September 8, 2008


amidst all of the hullabaloo of rapidly falling interest rates (yeah... when i process it, remind me to tell you all that we're buying a house), Lilian and I took an art break on the steps. She got to wear her crazy smock and try to figure out water color paints (because I could not find the fingerpaints anywhere). Watercolor paints seem to be difficult for a toddler to conceptualize. She just kept dipping her brush in the water, instead of the paint pad. Anyway, she sort of figured it out in the end and had fun working outside. At one point she tried using a pine branch as a paint brush...

By the way, mini-muffin tin worked GREAT as a paint/water receptacle.

And why was I so compelled to lock in our rate last week? Why couldn't anyone have told me that they'd be falling so much so fast? Ugh. I need one of those financial crystal balls. Maybe there's one on Freecycle.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pony Lesson

This morning, thanks to an ambitious mom in our group, Lilian and her friends got to take a pony riding lesson! They learned some valuable skills like waiting in line, brushing a horse, waiting for turns, and last but not least... riding a pony! There were two ponies, one very little one named Dewey, and a bigger one named Kelsey. Lilian was the smallest rider (I think), and so she rode Dewey. She really enjoyed it and was very relaxed the whole time. She was also way more patient than I expected her to be and cheered on her friends while she waited for her turn.

If Omi has anything to do with it, this will be the first of many pony/horse rides!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Recently, gummy bears are the main attraction at our house. This is all my brother's fault. He had a 5 lb. (!) bag of Haribo bears at his house and let me take a ziploc full home with me. I have already eaten all of the white ones and the orange ones.

We have been using the bears as bribery for Lilian. She doesn't want to go home? Well, how about for a gummy bear. Try the potty? Gummy bear. Finish 5 more bites of dinner? Yup. Gummy bear. For some reason, her favorite ones are the green ones. I originally wanted to give her a taste sampling, one of each color, to let her determine her favorite one but now that I've eaten all but 3 colors we've shot that down.

And lest you think of me as a bad parent, the gummy bear per day count is probably only 1.

And for laughs... up until about a week ago, she called them "Yummy Bears".

Happy Birth-day!

Welcome to the world, baby Kye!

Congratulations to Sean and Mary on a beautiful baby boy with a tremendously cool name.

Lilian has been fawning over the pictures since nap-time. She can't wait to meet him!

reading time

This morning, Lilian and I were deep within our morning routine of lounging on the bed when she decided to go get a book to read.

Here's what the first page says:
"I am a bunny. My name is Nicholas. I live in a hollow tree."

Here's how Lili read the first page:
"I live in a neighborhood. I go to the playground. You are Nicholas? Where do you live? You live in a tree."

How cute is that? Still working on the potty training.