Sunday, August 24, 2008

too busy to blog?

Yes! I know I have been a neglectful poster lately. We've been busy doing some really fun things, and I have ALWAYS forgotten to bring a camera to these really fun things, and therefore have not felt like blogging would be worth it...

Biggest newsworthy thing: Lili got carsick for the first time ever. I know, BFD, right? Well, it IS! Keith and I are both very prone to motion sickness, and so we thought it was weird that Lili hasn't been. Well... We were scheduled to go on a field trip with Keith's company to a wind farm and so we all met at work and got on a big tour bus together. We headed off with no big deal, and someone put in a video about caribou, which Lilian was very interested in. Lo and behold, about 30 minutes into the ride, Lili just starts puking. Yum. Fun. Good times. Luckily we were really close to our house at that point, and so the driver dropped us off near our house and we just walked home with our pukey child. We were worried because every time she throws up it usually means she is really sick, but this time it seems it was just a case of motion sickness. Probably it didn't help that the movie image kept flipping up and down. Anyway, that was our exciting morning yesterday.

We also got a bunch of hand-me-down digital cameras from my brother and one of them has been dubbed "Lili's camera". She loves to use it though hasn't quite caught on to the point and shoot concept. Here are a couple of samples from our photo session:

Lili's "normal" face

Lili's "funny" face

We also took dinner over to a new friends' house in the neighborhood last night, and made good use of our stroller. We used the "full reclining" feature for the first time to accomdate all the food:

my new precious cargo


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