Tuesday, August 26, 2008

pooped on the potty!

No, not me... HER!

Lili pooped on the potty! I wish to shout it from the rooftops! And Keith and no grandparents are available to share this news with!!! So I'm blogging about it. Deal with it.

I thought she'd poop after lunch, and so today we tried something new. Sit on the potty while I read a book to you. No luck after lunch, and then after dinner she asked me to change her "poopy diaper". There was no poop, and so I wouldn't change it and so she got upset and asked to take the diaper off. So I did, and then we went to sit on the potty with another book. Lo and behold, not even a minute later... Poop! In the potty! I even took a picture of it but I'll spare you. (Spare your gags, it's a picture of her next to the potty. Not a picture of poop.)

I rewarded her by 1) Calling every body I could think of that might care. 2) Letting her wear underwear, which she is very proud of.

I'm in disbelief. If she does it again tomorrow I swear I will pass out from the joy.

Update: 15 minutes later, she pees right through the underwear and leaves a big puddle in her booster chair. Lovely. I guess this whole potty training thing takes time, huh?


eyeheartorange said...

That sounds so hard! Guess it's a lot of trial and error, eh? Fun post though!

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