Saturday, August 9, 2008

playground in my memory

When I was in elementary school, the community all banded together to make a seriously kick-ass playground. It was big, and many tiered and we all worked together to make it. I even won an art contest and one of the monsters I painted was put into the maze portion of the playground.

You know how things from your childhood seem smaller when you see them again in your adulthood? Well, not this playground. We went there today for the first time in years, so that Lili could burn off some steam and so I could reminisce. This playground is enormous and most definitely is the best playground we have ever been on. Ever. And it seems so much bigger than when I was a kid. Is it because I'm getting old and tired? Please, say it ain't so!!!

In any case, it's always fun to come home, and now there's another reason to make it all the more fun.


Scott said...

Small picture

This used to be the largest in the US (I think), back when it was built... I think it's third or fourth now...

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