Monday, August 25, 2008

guilty pleasures

Keith is away on business until tomorrow night. I hate staying here without him, and usually I go to my parent's when he is out of town. This time, though, I didn't have the energy to pack and make the drive, so I opted to stay here. Where would I get the energy to care for a 2 year old all by myself, though? I dunno. Anyway, we took advantage of our "freedom" to indulge ourselves a little bit. This means:

Driving downtown just to hang out (instead of biking).

Buying the Wee-Sing set that Keith originally didn't want us to buy.

Running up and down Church St. like a wild child.

Eating pizza at an outside pub and having soda too!

Add to that: Drink TEA out of a bottle ("like a baby"), and watch way too much TV after Lili goes to bed!

Yeah, we're wild. And I'm still exhausted. And I bet I wouldn't be if I had just driven up to Pdam.


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