Monday, August 25, 2008

A Fair Afternoon

We went to the Champlain Valley Fair yesterday afternoon for a sunny, fun filled time. We perused the "oddity" vegetables, which were very cool, and visited the children's petting zoo where the cutest little piglets were.

We also played on the Midway and Lili got to ride her first carnival rides ever. We opted for the carousel and the ferris wheel because we thought they were the most little-kid friendly. Lili was very excited to be on both rides in the beginning, but once they got started, she proclaimed that they were too fast and that she wanted to get off. On the carousel, we temporarily lost one of her shoes (until the end of the ride when a kind stranger returned it to us), and the ferris wheel height didn't bother her at all, but the speed really did. She was the epitome of the phrase "scared stiff" for most of the ride, but she didn't cry and just clung to me for most of the time.

Lili also played her own fair game, which was an easy "fish the rubber ducky out" type game, and she won a pink ball, which she had been coveting since we first walked in the gates. All in all we had a fun time, but probably won't go back any time soon!

enjoying the carousel before it started moving

Lili was fascinated by the ferris wheel from afar.
Also, they typical "on daddy's shoulders" pose.

before the ferris really got going, with her pink ball prize

a view of the whole fair


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