Monday, August 18, 2008

Blast in Mass

We have just come home from a long weekend in Mass. A long fun weekend filled with fun and family. First off, we stopped at my friend Sean's house on Friday eve for a yummy Indian dinner that was apparently courtesy of Trader Joe's but was cooked to perfection by Seano. Lili had a blast there playing with the famous Duff and Stella, and was practically licked to death but never stopped giggling about it. No good pictures from that encounter, so you'll just have to believe me when I say that Sean and Mary have the cutest cosiest house with some seriously awesome custom touches.

Then it was off to my brother and Alicia's house where we met up with my parents and watched Phelps the dolphin get his 7th gold. But we were more interested in playing with the Wii:

Lili got really into the Wii and even recognizes everybody's Miis

Then, it was off to the Boston Children's Museum, where we all got seriously overstimulated and exhausted. But it is a really really cool place to visit. Just kind of too big for a 2 year old:

disco dancing

And last but not least, on the train back out to my brother's, a very tired toddler, and a very cute advertisement for Keith's company:

Vacation accomplished!


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