Monday, August 11, 2008


I have very little artistic talent in the form of free-hand drawing and painting. It seems to have skipped me, as my mom and aunts are all very artistically inclined. I'm more inclined to photography and music. I am also kind of weird about messiness, which is why I haven't busted out the paints for Lilian yet. And why the first time she used a marker was just about a week ago.

Last week, a very generous mom hosted a painting playgroup and Lili got to paint for 2 hours straight. She was the only kid who actually wanted to paint for 2 hours straight and she barely got a drop of paint on her! She was totally thrilled to do it, and I was thrilled for it to be at someone else's house. She's also been using markers and stickers daily since she got a set of markers and whole slew of stickers from G for her birthday. So, here is a sampling of the artist in action, and a finished work:


gina said...

Love Lili's artwork!

And I challenge the idea that the artistic gene skipped you... isn't there a "June Shen original" preserved at your elementary school playground? :)

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