Saturday, August 30, 2008

can't beet that!

With dinner tonight: Roasted beets and onions. Yumbelievable.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Playground Pictures

Lest a poop post be at the top of the page til the end of the week, here are a couple of playground pictures from this past week:

Lilian is very well known for her climbing abilities on the playground, and though she doesn't like to swing very high (because it is "scary"), she likes to do the Superman move on the swings:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

pooped on the potty!

No, not me... HER!

Lili pooped on the potty! I wish to shout it from the rooftops! And Keith and no grandparents are available to share this news with!!! So I'm blogging about it. Deal with it.

I thought she'd poop after lunch, and so today we tried something new. Sit on the potty while I read a book to you. No luck after lunch, and then after dinner she asked me to change her "poopy diaper". There was no poop, and so I wouldn't change it and so she got upset and asked to take the diaper off. So I did, and then we went to sit on the potty with another book. Lo and behold, not even a minute later... Poop! In the potty! I even took a picture of it but I'll spare you. (Spare your gags, it's a picture of her next to the potty. Not a picture of poop.)

I rewarded her by 1) Calling every body I could think of that might care. 2) Letting her wear underwear, which she is very proud of.

I'm in disbelief. If she does it again tomorrow I swear I will pass out from the joy.

Update: 15 minutes later, she pees right through the underwear and leaves a big puddle in her booster chair. Lovely. I guess this whole potty training thing takes time, huh?

Monday, August 25, 2008

guilty pleasures

Keith is away on business until tomorrow night. I hate staying here without him, and usually I go to my parent's when he is out of town. This time, though, I didn't have the energy to pack and make the drive, so I opted to stay here. Where would I get the energy to care for a 2 year old all by myself, though? I dunno. Anyway, we took advantage of our "freedom" to indulge ourselves a little bit. This means:

Driving downtown just to hang out (instead of biking).

Buying the Wee-Sing set that Keith originally didn't want us to buy.

Running up and down Church St. like a wild child.

Eating pizza at an outside pub and having soda too!

Add to that: Drink TEA out of a bottle ("like a baby"), and watch way too much TV after Lili goes to bed!

Yeah, we're wild. And I'm still exhausted. And I bet I wouldn't be if I had just driven up to Pdam.

A Fair Afternoon

We went to the Champlain Valley Fair yesterday afternoon for a sunny, fun filled time. We perused the "oddity" vegetables, which were very cool, and visited the children's petting zoo where the cutest little piglets were.

We also played on the Midway and Lili got to ride her first carnival rides ever. We opted for the carousel and the ferris wheel because we thought they were the most little-kid friendly. Lili was very excited to be on both rides in the beginning, but once they got started, she proclaimed that they were too fast and that she wanted to get off. On the carousel, we temporarily lost one of her shoes (until the end of the ride when a kind stranger returned it to us), and the ferris wheel height didn't bother her at all, but the speed really did. She was the epitome of the phrase "scared stiff" for most of the ride, but she didn't cry and just clung to me for most of the time.

Lili also played her own fair game, which was an easy "fish the rubber ducky out" type game, and she won a pink ball, which she had been coveting since we first walked in the gates. All in all we had a fun time, but probably won't go back any time soon!

enjoying the carousel before it started moving

Lili was fascinated by the ferris wheel from afar.
Also, they typical "on daddy's shoulders" pose.

before the ferris really got going, with her pink ball prize

a view of the whole fair

Sunday, August 24, 2008

too busy to blog?

Yes! I know I have been a neglectful poster lately. We've been busy doing some really fun things, and I have ALWAYS forgotten to bring a camera to these really fun things, and therefore have not felt like blogging would be worth it...

Biggest newsworthy thing: Lili got carsick for the first time ever. I know, BFD, right? Well, it IS! Keith and I are both very prone to motion sickness, and so we thought it was weird that Lili hasn't been. Well... We were scheduled to go on a field trip with Keith's company to a wind farm and so we all met at work and got on a big tour bus together. We headed off with no big deal, and someone put in a video about caribou, which Lilian was very interested in. Lo and behold, about 30 minutes into the ride, Lili just starts puking. Yum. Fun. Good times. Luckily we were really close to our house at that point, and so the driver dropped us off near our house and we just walked home with our pukey child. We were worried because every time she throws up it usually means she is really sick, but this time it seems it was just a case of motion sickness. Probably it didn't help that the movie image kept flipping up and down. Anyway, that was our exciting morning yesterday.

We also got a bunch of hand-me-down digital cameras from my brother and one of them has been dubbed "Lili's camera". She loves to use it though hasn't quite caught on to the point and shoot concept. Here are a couple of samples from our photo session:

Lili's "normal" face

Lili's "funny" face

We also took dinner over to a new friends' house in the neighborhood last night, and made good use of our stroller. We used the "full reclining" feature for the first time to accomdate all the food:

my new precious cargo

Monday, August 18, 2008

Blast in Mass

We have just come home from a long weekend in Mass. A long fun weekend filled with fun and family. First off, we stopped at my friend Sean's house on Friday eve for a yummy Indian dinner that was apparently courtesy of Trader Joe's but was cooked to perfection by Seano. Lili had a blast there playing with the famous Duff and Stella, and was practically licked to death but never stopped giggling about it. No good pictures from that encounter, so you'll just have to believe me when I say that Sean and Mary have the cutest cosiest house with some seriously awesome custom touches.

Then it was off to my brother and Alicia's house where we met up with my parents and watched Phelps the dolphin get his 7th gold. But we were more interested in playing with the Wii:

Lili got really into the Wii and even recognizes everybody's Miis

Then, it was off to the Boston Children's Museum, where we all got seriously overstimulated and exhausted. But it is a really really cool place to visit. Just kind of too big for a 2 year old:

disco dancing

And last but not least, on the train back out to my brother's, a very tired toddler, and a very cute advertisement for Keith's company:

Vacation accomplished!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'll have the yummy, too

Keith's mom (Lili's Omi) came for an overnight visit yesterday and we decided to go out to dinner. We didn't realize there would be such a wait at the restaurant and so Lili was pretty ravenous by the time we sat down. And, when the waitress came:

Me: I'll have the Pad Thai with chicken

Lili: I'll have... yummy.

The best part was that the waitress heard her and assured her that her tofu and rice (what I ordered for her) would indeed be yummy.

Too bad that by the time her food came, the snacks that she had eaten kicked in and she wasn't hungry for her "yummy" anymore.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I have very little artistic talent in the form of free-hand drawing and painting. It seems to have skipped me, as my mom and aunts are all very artistically inclined. I'm more inclined to photography and music. I am also kind of weird about messiness, which is why I haven't busted out the paints for Lilian yet. And why the first time she used a marker was just about a week ago.

Last week, a very generous mom hosted a painting playgroup and Lili got to paint for 2 hours straight. She was the only kid who actually wanted to paint for 2 hours straight and she barely got a drop of paint on her! She was totally thrilled to do it, and I was thrilled for it to be at someone else's house. She's also been using markers and stickers daily since she got a set of markers and whole slew of stickers from G for her birthday. So, here is a sampling of the artist in action, and a finished work:

Saturday, August 9, 2008

playground in my memory

When I was in elementary school, the community all banded together to make a seriously kick-ass playground. It was big, and many tiered and we all worked together to make it. I even won an art contest and one of the monsters I painted was put into the maze portion of the playground.

You know how things from your childhood seem smaller when you see them again in your adulthood? Well, not this playground. We went there today for the first time in years, so that Lili could burn off some steam and so I could reminisce. This playground is enormous and most definitely is the best playground we have ever been on. Ever. And it seems so much bigger than when I was a kid. Is it because I'm getting old and tired? Please, say it ain't so!!!

In any case, it's always fun to come home, and now there's another reason to make it all the more fun.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet Peeve

I have noticed a new pet peeve of mine.

Typos. Mainly typos in the posts of "professional" bloggers. By that I mean people who have very active blogs read by more than 100 people, and have all those buttons and bannery things and seem to possibly make a minimal amount of money from their blogs.

I'm not talking about "thier vs their". More like "there vs their". Or how about this: "secrete stash vs secret stash". I don't really want to know about your stash of secretions.

This peeve probably comes from somewhere around my second-grade perfectionism. Oh, yeah. I won the 2nd grade spelling bee by spelling Indian properly. It's with a capital "I".

And for those friends of mine who typo a lot... It doesn't bother me. It makes me laugh. It's the peeps who are "serious" about writing that it bothers me about...

And speaking of "quotes", thanks Courtney for showing me this.

Oh, and where oh where does the term "Pet Peeve" come from???

Monday, August 4, 2008

Why, oh why

Why in the heck to people feel the need to mow ALL THE TIME? I am so durned sick and tired to hearing RRR, RRR, RRR everyday! And, it always seems to be during nap time. Making me doubly annoyed. Guess that's one of the pitfalls of living in a neighborhood, and not in the country.

Good thing Keith just bought one of these (yea, woot!).

Too bad we can't use it 'til we have a house.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Birthday - Day 3 (or 4?)

Birthday celebrations continue for Lili as our BFFs G&C came to visit this weekend. This morning we went blueberry picking, and then had a surprise visit from Lili's grandparents Gong and Puo for her little birthday party (with lots of presents!!!). It has been a blast so far and we'll be sorry to say bye tomorrow morning (after blueberry pancakes, of course).

cake? I'm there!

yah, I can eat all that cake!

done with cake, new running shoes? i'm outta here!