Saturday, July 5, 2008

Toes? Um, no.

We rode up to North Beach today for the second time total. I'm not normally a beach person, but I really like North Beach a lot. Partly because it is such a nice bike ride up there from our house, and also because it is lake water instead of salt water. And the sand is nice. And Lili really enjoys playing there.

Today we buried our feet in sand, over and over again. We also liked to just uncover our toes and wiggle them out of the piles of sand. Which prompted this kind of conversation:

Lili (picking a rock up from the beach): what's that?
me: a rock.
Lili: it's a toe.
me: no, a rock.

Lili (picking up a different rock): what's that?
me: another rock.
Lili: it's a toe.
me: nope. a rock.

Later explained to her that it would be kind of bad to be finding individual toes on the beach. Might ruin the whole beach experience.


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