Thursday, June 12, 2008

sk8 er....

Are sisters in laws a bad influence?

After a lame attempt at riding Margot's long board, I decided I wanted one of my own. Perhaps it is a mid-life (quarter life?) kind of thing, or maybe I just want to be a cool mom, or maybe it is our recent (since moving) obsession with human powered wheels, but anyway, there you have it:

It was surprisingly easy to start riding. Much easier than I remember skateboarding to be. And a good deal, as it was purchased from craigslist. Gotta love that. It turns easily, and is a cushy ride. I can say I like it! And even better, I can say that I can do it!

We let Lili try it out (sitting on it like a ride-on toy), and she got the only skate injury of the night: her chin hit the sandpaper (grip tape) on it and got scraped:

Hey G! Notice my outfit. Huh? Thanks for being such a great shopping buddy!


Margot said...

I know you meant to say a good influence :) I'll definitely bring my board when I visit next week and we can ride around!

gina said...

Looking good, June-- love the outfit!
So glad to hear that you are having a great time and that Lilian is feeling much better.

Miss you!

sweet p. said...

Hey, if I learned how to snowboard after 30 - I think skateboarding closer to 25 is not that horrible of an idea!

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