Thursday, June 26, 2008

old friends and wormies

Lilian and I spent most of this week in Potsdam, visiting my parents and spending time with a friend from my Clarkson days. S was a pretty meaningful person in my life, and we were lucky enough to get to spend almost a whole day together, reacquainting and just hanging around Potsdam talking. It's been a little over a decade since we've seen each other, and though that seems like a lot of time, really it doesn't seem like much has changed. Then again, certainly a lot has happened since then. I guess it was just nice to find out that even though 10 years can pass, you can still have fun with someone you knew, and it can still feel comfortable.

Lili and I also spent time with the wormies, which is something we like to do while in Potsdam. Mostly because there aren't many toys at my parent's house and also because you can pretty much dig anywhere in their yard and find at least one worm. So we made a little worm habitat and found about a half dozen worms to put in and observe. Unfortunately, I forgot about the wormies and so they dried up the next day. And no, they don't re-hydrate, as I previously thought might happen to earthworms. But, I did find out that there does exist a species of worm that can rehydrate. Oh, the things you can learn when you are friends with a biologist.

Lili with her wormies


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