Monday, June 23, 2008

IF Weekend

We have had a long and busy weekend! On Thursday, we left for Ithaca with 4 unicycles, 4 people, and lots of excitement as we were headed to Ithaca Festival and visiting lots of friends.

In true Ithaca fashion, it started raining as soon as the festival parade started, but that didn't stop the 13 unicyclists we were with from having fun in the parade.

On Friday we tried to keep it lower key and visited Kionix and played at the Meads house.

Saturday was jam packed with a trip to Target (because there isn't one in Burlington, gasp!), a visit from Omi and Lee, wandering the festival, napping, and dinner at the Youngs with something like 20 people. The adults were, of course, outnumbered by the children.

Sunday we had brunch at the Meads with TME and then headed out with a few stops on the way out.

And, after the worst possible drive home, we are back and resting up!

Keith and Lili prepping for the parade. Keith's signature helmet!

at the mead homestead

the three stooges

e is a mac daddy!

on the drive home, we threatened to leave Lili by the side of the road...

... and she was fine with that (waving bye bye to us)


Christina said...

Yippeee! We're in a Junebug Blog posting. Very exciting!

Jeb says he is glad to see that our tile photographs well.

We miss you all already. We had SUCH a great weekend!

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