Saturday, June 28, 2008

Garage sales ROCK!

We happened upon a multi-family garage sale this morning, which had toys and stuff from probably 8 different kids. It was amazing. It's too bad that a) we're not big fans of plastic toys and b) we still have very little space as we are still in our little apartment. But, we still got some great things, like puzzles and books, and Keith scored a great deal on a little beginner bike for Lili. Which might fit her in 2 years. Ha.

It's HHH here, and I don't like that kind of weather. At all. The big bonus though is that all the windows in the apartment were replaced on Thursday and so now we can at least open them for some cross breezes. They are also replacing all the siding which reminds me that I should take some before and after pictures.

We're taking a 2nd look at a house tomorrow. Wish us luck?


eyeheartorange said...

June, wow, I just read all about Lili's seizures. I'm so glad everything is fine now, but bet that was scary at the time! Good luck on your house search! I'll be crossing that bridge this winter...

Sue said...

Good luck with the house!

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