Friday, May 23, 2008

I felted!

Crafty Mommy strikes again! I have officially completed my first crochet and felted project!!! I am so stoked. This hat was from a class I took abut a month ago, and the crochet was fun. Downsides compared to knitting is that it is pretty impossible to crochet without looking, so no TV while I was working on it. Upsides is that there's so much less hardware to deal with, and it goes super fast!

So, here is the hat after crochet completion, prior to felting:

And I can't believe I got the courage to actually felt something! Post felted hat, fits the girl perfectly:

And, for those who care, it was done with Frog Tree Alpaca, which I highly recommend!


gina said...

Wow-- way to go, "craft mommy!" That looks great, June! When can I place my order?

ma said...

The model is a cutie under Mommy's creation...what a combo !! We were so happy to see you, Lilli and Keith.

Libby Sue Jones said...

Is there a website with this hat pattern on it? I just love this!

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