Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baking Bonanza

This afternoon has been a frenzy of baking. We made chocolate chip cookies for Keith to bring to work (company BBQ), and apple cinnamon scones because... well, just because I discovered how easy they are to make and I'm loving figuring out different flavors (I started with orange/cranberry/corn scones). Lilian has been cooking up a storm herself, mixing together crackers and cereal in a little colander. She got adventurous (as did I) with a butter knife and some craisins. She loves to imitate grown up stuff. Anyway, feast with your eyes!

scones, with a bag of cookies in the background

Lilian chopping craisins. On a chair. Next to a hot oven...

reeeeaaach for those cookies!

ah, sweet rewards


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