Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today was free scoop day at Ben and Jerry's, and so Lili and I decided to take a little field trip to their Waterbury Plant for the factory tour. It is only about a half an hour from here, and really would be worth it on a sunny day, because they have a pretty awesome playground there. But we went for the tour, which Lilian was very disruptive for because she couldn't stop talking. They were making two flavors today: cinnamon bun and cookie dough. We didn't stop to sample and left the tour early to get our free cones. I had the creme brulee flavor (very very delicious), and Lili had her own (!) cake batter flavor. She felt it was very much worth the drive.

Her favorite part was turning the handle on the penny machine there, and for awhile after we left she would say "turn, turn, turn, and then the money fall out!". Very cute.

I neglected to bring the camera to this endeavor, so all you get is a picture of the schwag from the tour (sorry, no pics of ice cream!).

If you come and visit, add this to the list, cause it was fun!

PS Ultra bonus? All three of us hit up the B&J at the mall after dinner for another round of free scoops!


sweet p. said...

ooooh, we used to love free scoop day at RPI!! that brings super nice memories of standing in line while day dreaming about what flavor to get. i think the year we were there john's fell on the floor as we were leaving the place - there was MUCH pouting involved :-(

Sandra Flemer said...

Hi June!

It's me, Sandy, from crochet class. My friend Jo told me about your site - fun! Would you like to get together next Thursday. You and Lili could come to my house. Bring your crochet!! I just started a granny square blanket, even though I haven't finished my hat!

:) Sandy

ma said...

Sounds like you are settling into your life in VT.

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