Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bike Rides!

So. It is almost April and it is still really really (really) cold up here in the NorthEast. Of course I am exaggerating. But wouldn't you be too?

After our tremendously fun and relaxing week in Potsdam (more on that in another post... where's the video Margot???), we came back to a sunny but cold Btown where the first order of business was to get Lili's bike seat attached to my bike. Why in the world are we riding when we still have to wear snowsuits? Well, it's because Keith and I have signed up for the NYC 5 boroughs bike tour, and it's in a month, and it's 42 miles and we have. to. train. And really the only way for this to happen, since we don't have a sitter yet, is for Lilian to come with us. Hence the installation of the seat this afternoon.

It was a great ride, just up and down the street to get the feel for it. We discovered that necessary adjustments had to be made but the big happy surprise is that Lilian LOVED riding in it, and pretty much refused to get out. So in order to get her off the ride, we literally took the seat off the bike. She thought that was funny. But when it was time to get her out of the seat, she did everything she could to prevent that from happening. It's great that she loves it so much, because that will make riding with her so enjoyable!

gettin' ready to roll (that's our apartment behind us)

action shot! look, I can even do it one handed!

yay! she loves her bike seat! yay!


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