Friday, February 22, 2008

Toddler Restaurant

Today was Keith's last day of work at his current job. He spent the day relaxing, answering a few questions, moving pencils around. I spent the day in a frenetic half panic driving all around town, doing all kinds of things and basically being more stressed than I have been since college. And you'd think I could get some appreciation. Nope.

We went out to the Antlers for dinner and we got the full toddler treatment from Lilian. This is the first time it has happened like this, where she couldn't sit still for more than one minute and only wanted to either a) run around the restaurant or b) squirm and ask to walk around. Granted, she is as tired as I am, and also had just as frenetic a day as I did, so all things considered she did great. But this toddlerhood thing I'm not so sure about. Plus, Antlers is definitely not child friendly, including the reprimand I got from the owner. If they don't want kids in there, then why are there high chairs!?!

Anyway, enough rant. A good nights sleep will do us all wonders.


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