Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Park City Vaca

Well, we are back home now, and I'm ready to post about our week long vacation to Park City, UT where we visited Keith's mom (known to Lili as "Omi") and Grandpa Lee. What was most amazing to all of us during this trip was that Lilian seems to grow and learn at a much more rapid rate than at home. Perhaps it is the lack of sleep? Or maybe the overstimulation? How about just the constant fun and attention for days on end?

Day One: Travel. It sucks when you don't have a kid, it sucks worse when you do. Especially when you have airline delays and two layovers.

Day Two: Bad first nights' sleep, so lay low: grocery shopping in the morning, then nap, then to Furburbia to visit the cats and dogs, and to put Lili in a better mood. Then stroll around the Outlet Mall amidst the snow storm.

Day Three: Into Salt Lake City for some child-like fun at the Discovery Center, where we discover that Lilian knows who Elmo is. How? How does she pick these things up? We don't even watch Sesame Street! Coincidentally, Lilian says "Omi" = "Oooohmoh", which sounds very much like "Elmo", so that was funny. The Discovery Center was a GREAT place for indoor play for Lilian, especially the first floor, which was all very pint sized and frenetic. Talk about a short attention span. Grandpa Lee was visibly BORED until we got to the 2nd floor where there were things to BUILD and CREATE, and so we all ended up having tons of fun.

We then visited the home of Brigham Young for lunch, and then hit up the Patagonia outlet, where the only thing we left with was long underwear for Lili for next year (yes, I am proud of myself for not buying!). Then home for some super yummy sauerkraut and pork dinner.

Day Four: SKIING! Omi watched Lili in the morning so that Keith and I could ski at Park City with our private guide: Grandpa Lee. I can say we truly had our best day of skiing ever, because we had our first day of skiing ever without a fight. What can we attribute this to? Who knows? Finally chilling out (me). No pun intended! Lilian and Omi joined us at noon for Lili's first run on skis, and for a nice lunch at Legacy Lodge (hello, enormous salad bar!).

That evening I made a stir fry and we met some of Sue and Lee's friends and had a nice, huge assortment of desserts. All in all a great day.

Day Five: We spent the day going up to the Hardware Ranch Elk preserve, which was about 2 hours away from Park City. It was an interesting place, with a small visitors center, and guided sleigh rides through the Elk pastures. How do you tell an Elk apart from a deer or other antlered mammal? They have WHITE BUTTS. Yes, that was the highlight for me. For Lilian, it was being able to pet the sleigh horses up close. Oh, and we were told that if anything fell off the side of the sleigh, it would be gone until spring. Including children. So we kept tight hold of Lili for the ride.

It was a long ride out, and so on the way back we made the spur of the moment decision to stop at a local fast food joint, where Keith's milkshake order brought down the house, and Lilian had her first corn dog!

Day Six: Park City Sightseeing. While Grandpa Lee racked in another day of skiing, the rest of us walked around Park City's main street to window shop, then went to a great Mexican restaurant that has a SALSA BAR with about 15 different sauces. Yum. Super Yum. Totally going back there next year. Then we went to the Utah Olympic Park, which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. That was fun, and s funny to see how into the bobsleds Lilian was.

Day Seven: Travel (again!). By the way, DTW airport has the most *awesome* diaper changing facilities in their bathrooms (all the bathrooms we tried, even the mens rooms!). There is a huge counter space, a contured changing area, a sink RIGHT next to the changing pad, and even diaper dispensers. It was a truly refreshing thing to see, and sure beats changing your baby on the bathroom floor! BUT, over an hour delay ON THE PLANE at DTW because of a faulty seatbelt sign (who looks at those anyway?!), and then because no one was available to push the plane away from the terminal? Not so cool. We got in to ITH at 1am, and home by 1:30a. Seriously not flying ITH again...

Other musings from this trip... Huggies Supreme diapers really are much better than regular Huggies diapers. We're switching (that is, when we are not using the cloth diapers, we will use Huggies Supremes). Lilian is tremendously observant. New words from this trip (that I can think of): airplane, fly, Omi, Lee, Elmo, bobsled, glasses, hold, ski, helmet...

Lilian received her new sunglasses the first day, and LOVES them. And loves looking at herself in the wall of mirror.

This is Grandpa Lee playing with Lilian. He he.

Building, creating, and destructing at the Utah Children's museum

Lilian's first time on Skis! She's a natural!

And, after a little practice, she hits the slopes like a pro!

She also seems to be a born bobsledder.

On the way home, a fruitful snack with daddy.

THANK YOU Omi and Lee for a great vacation. Love and HUGS!


Sue said...

We're glad that you had a good time. We did too. It's very quiet here tonight all by ourselves. We miss you all!!

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