Wednesday, February 6, 2008


4:00 am - Wake and get in shower
4:15 am - emerge from shower to find that our 6am flight is delayed until 9:52a
Due to required crew rest. What about passenger rest?!
4:30 am - get through to ITH counter agent
4:31 am - agent is clueless
4:35 am - rearrange connecting flights via NWA 800#
5:00 am - call ITH agent again, advised that the flight is now cancelled
and that we are to be shuttled to SYR
5:25 am - wake Lili, and rush out of the house to get to airport to sort it out
5:45 am - arrive at airport, discover flight is not cancelled, is still at 9:52
6:10 am - go back home, go back to bed
8:20 am - wake up again, eat breakfast
8:40 am - go back to ITH airport
9:52 am - begin the journey to Omi's house...

8:25 pm (MTN) - arrive at Omi's house. Some 18 hours from the start.

Maybe we won't fly ITH next time...


sweet p. said...

send much love to Omi & Lee from Rapid City ... and tell Lee we want waffles!

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