Thursday, February 28, 2008


For all you Dora the Explora fans out there:

... anything that you can need I've got inside for you. Backpack, backpack. Backpack, backpack. Yeah!

Lilian got a backpack today! We purchased it at the Sciencenter, as a parting Itown kind of gifty thing. Plus it was super cute. And Lilian knows how to say backpack, and has been wearing it around the house most of the day. For awhile one of her baby dolls was inside it, but she hasn't yet figured out the whole zipper thing.

If you look closely at the pics, you can see we have a whole kind of insect thing going on.

yup. a bunny with a backpack.

the ladybug and the bee.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Snow Day!

We came back home from Btown a couple of days early because of the snowstorm, and we are so glad we did because we were able to have a fun day in the snow at home today.

After a terribly rough night of sleep (because Lili was overtired, and because she always has one bad "transition" night whenever we travel), we thought Lili would nap early. No such luck. So, we took her outside to play in the new heavy wet snow. We had a blast making a snowman-turned-snowchair and making a snowslide out of the snowplow pile. Hmmm. How many words can we make out of snow___?

the snowchair

perfectly Lili sized

I'm outta here, ma.

the snowslide

Monday, February 25, 2008

Btown Apartment Hunting

We have success! We secured an apartment here in Btown for the beginning of March, so now we know we will have a roof over our heads when it is time to move.

It has been a good trip overall. It would be nice if the upstairs neighbors in our motel had softer feet. And better sleeping hours (go to bed at 12a, get up at 5a ?!? that's crazy talk). We prefer to sleep from 8p to 8a, especially with a semi-sick toddler in the house.

We got to see our unicycling friend, B, and walk around downtown with him, which was very nice, to catch up and be excited about the move with someone else and all that. I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed soon, and so hopefully we will drive out of here tomorrow. That is, unless the impending snowstorm doesn't trap us here.

I am really looking forward to the fun times ahead (packing and moving not included). I hope to spend many a sunny afternoon at the playground and I really look forward to exploring the city with my best friend, G, if she can get down here enough!

Here's to new adventures.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Toddler Restaurant

Today was Keith's last day of work at his current job. He spent the day relaxing, answering a few questions, moving pencils around. I spent the day in a frenetic half panic driving all around town, doing all kinds of things and basically being more stressed than I have been since college. And you'd think I could get some appreciation. Nope.

We went out to the Antlers for dinner and we got the full toddler treatment from Lilian. This is the first time it has happened like this, where she couldn't sit still for more than one minute and only wanted to either a) run around the restaurant or b) squirm and ask to walk around. Granted, she is as tired as I am, and also had just as frenetic a day as I did, so all things considered she did great. But this toddlerhood thing I'm not so sure about. Plus, Antlers is definitely not child friendly, including the reprimand I got from the owner. If they don't want kids in there, then why are there high chairs!?!

Anyway, enough rant. A good nights sleep will do us all wonders.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It feels great to get rid of stuff. It feels even greater when you can get money for the stuff you don't need anymore.

We are moving soon, to another state, and so have begun in earnest the purging process in our house. This means that every day or so I hope to get rid of one thing. A stack of magazines, a bag of rice, what have you. The rate of riddage will increase exponentially as the date of our move gets closer.

Today it was the dog kennel that has been in the basement. Sadie used to need to be in it when we left the house, but she has since mellowed out and can have free run of the house when we are gone, as long as there is no tempting food on the edge of the counter. She no longer shreds shoes to pieces or rifles through the recycling, so we no longer needed the kennel. It is also a bit of an eyesore in the basement, so as we start showing the house to sell, it would be nice to not have it in there. I thought it would be difficult to sell. I had no idea what to ask for it, as I have no idea how much I paid for it. So, $100 on craigslist, and it was gone in less than 8 hours. And now the basement looks SO much better! Yay me! Yay craigslist! Yay commerce!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleep Eating

Well, I was cleaning out the camera today, and I discovered a few gems that Keith took on Valentines day. See, I was terribly sick with a stomach bug that day and so Keith had to stay home from work and be daddy all day. Apparently Lilian didn't have enough of a nap in the afternoon, because she fell asleep in her high chair at dinner time. This is the second time this has ever happened, and Keith managed to document it! Savor it:




ha ha ha ha ha ha.... Impossible not to giggle at this picture!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Park City Vaca

Well, we are back home now, and I'm ready to post about our week long vacation to Park City, UT where we visited Keith's mom (known to Lili as "Omi") and Grandpa Lee. What was most amazing to all of us during this trip was that Lilian seems to grow and learn at a much more rapid rate than at home. Perhaps it is the lack of sleep? Or maybe the overstimulation? How about just the constant fun and attention for days on end?

Day One: Travel. It sucks when you don't have a kid, it sucks worse when you do. Especially when you have airline delays and two layovers.

Day Two: Bad first nights' sleep, so lay low: grocery shopping in the morning, then nap, then to Furburbia to visit the cats and dogs, and to put Lili in a better mood. Then stroll around the Outlet Mall amidst the snow storm.

Day Three: Into Salt Lake City for some child-like fun at the Discovery Center, where we discover that Lilian knows who Elmo is. How? How does she pick these things up? We don't even watch Sesame Street! Coincidentally, Lilian says "Omi" = "Oooohmoh", which sounds very much like "Elmo", so that was funny. The Discovery Center was a GREAT place for indoor play for Lilian, especially the first floor, which was all very pint sized and frenetic. Talk about a short attention span. Grandpa Lee was visibly BORED until we got to the 2nd floor where there were things to BUILD and CREATE, and so we all ended up having tons of fun.

We then visited the home of Brigham Young for lunch, and then hit up the Patagonia outlet, where the only thing we left with was long underwear for Lili for next year (yes, I am proud of myself for not buying!). Then home for some super yummy sauerkraut and pork dinner.

Day Four: SKIING! Omi watched Lili in the morning so that Keith and I could ski at Park City with our private guide: Grandpa Lee. I can say we truly had our best day of skiing ever, because we had our first day of skiing ever without a fight. What can we attribute this to? Who knows? Finally chilling out (me). No pun intended! Lilian and Omi joined us at noon for Lili's first run on skis, and for a nice lunch at Legacy Lodge (hello, enormous salad bar!).

That evening I made a stir fry and we met some of Sue and Lee's friends and had a nice, huge assortment of desserts. All in all a great day.

Day Five: We spent the day going up to the Hardware Ranch Elk preserve, which was about 2 hours away from Park City. It was an interesting place, with a small visitors center, and guided sleigh rides through the Elk pastures. How do you tell an Elk apart from a deer or other antlered mammal? They have WHITE BUTTS. Yes, that was the highlight for me. For Lilian, it was being able to pet the sleigh horses up close. Oh, and we were told that if anything fell off the side of the sleigh, it would be gone until spring. Including children. So we kept tight hold of Lili for the ride.

It was a long ride out, and so on the way back we made the spur of the moment decision to stop at a local fast food joint, where Keith's milkshake order brought down the house, and Lilian had her first corn dog!

Day Six: Park City Sightseeing. While Grandpa Lee racked in another day of skiing, the rest of us walked around Park City's main street to window shop, then went to a great Mexican restaurant that has a SALSA BAR with about 15 different sauces. Yum. Super Yum. Totally going back there next year. Then we went to the Utah Olympic Park, which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. That was fun, and s funny to see how into the bobsleds Lilian was.

Day Seven: Travel (again!). By the way, DTW airport has the most *awesome* diaper changing facilities in their bathrooms (all the bathrooms we tried, even the mens rooms!). There is a huge counter space, a contured changing area, a sink RIGHT next to the changing pad, and even diaper dispensers. It was a truly refreshing thing to see, and sure beats changing your baby on the bathroom floor! BUT, over an hour delay ON THE PLANE at DTW because of a faulty seatbelt sign (who looks at those anyway?!), and then because no one was available to push the plane away from the terminal? Not so cool. We got in to ITH at 1am, and home by 1:30a. Seriously not flying ITH again...

Other musings from this trip... Huggies Supreme diapers really are much better than regular Huggies diapers. We're switching (that is, when we are not using the cloth diapers, we will use Huggies Supremes). Lilian is tremendously observant. New words from this trip (that I can think of): airplane, fly, Omi, Lee, Elmo, bobsled, glasses, hold, ski, helmet...

Lilian received her new sunglasses the first day, and LOVES them. And loves looking at herself in the wall of mirror.

This is Grandpa Lee playing with Lilian. He he.

Building, creating, and destructing at the Utah Children's museum

Lilian's first time on Skis! She's a natural!

And, after a little practice, she hits the slopes like a pro!

She also seems to be a born bobsledder.

On the way home, a fruitful snack with daddy.

THANK YOU Omi and Lee for a great vacation. Love and HUGS!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Highlights from Park City

We are having a great time here it Park City, UT with Omi and Grandpa Lee. Here are some highlights:

Lilian is sleeping in the closet (it is a big walk in closet, and thus gives her own room).

We have had something different every morning for breakfast (oatmeal, french toast, eggs, cereal).

Lilian loves to wear her new sunglasses (pink, with bling).

Lilian has now sledded, and skiied.

Keith and June had a wonderful morning of skiing today! (Thank you, Lee for guiding, and Omi, for babysitting).

More later, plus pictures...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


4:00 am - Wake and get in shower
4:15 am - emerge from shower to find that our 6am flight is delayed until 9:52a
Due to required crew rest. What about passenger rest?!
4:30 am - get through to ITH counter agent
4:31 am - agent is clueless
4:35 am - rearrange connecting flights via NWA 800#
5:00 am - call ITH agent again, advised that the flight is now cancelled
and that we are to be shuttled to SYR
5:25 am - wake Lili, and rush out of the house to get to airport to sort it out
5:45 am - arrive at airport, discover flight is not cancelled, is still at 9:52
6:10 am - go back home, go back to bed
8:20 am - wake up again, eat breakfast
8:40 am - go back to ITH airport
9:52 am - begin the journey to Omi's house...

8:25 pm (MTN) - arrive at Omi's house. Some 18 hours from the start.

Maybe we won't fly ITH next time...