Sunday, January 27, 2008

We love weekend playdates!

Weekend playdates are nice. It gives Keith some time to get out with out me feeling like he is abandoning Lili and I. So, while Keith went to Labrador to visit M, we baked muffins and had a fun playdate with A and his mom, J.

The muffins were a little bit of a disaster in terms of mess. They overflowed the pan, and since I decided I didn't want to grease the pan, they were also very hard to get out. As in, only 6 survived whole and unscathed. But they were delicious none the less!

When J arrived, A was sleeping soundly in the car. Something which, I'm told, never happens. Even more shocking, when she brought him in, laid him out on the floor, and took of his jacket, he remained peacefully snoring. Lilian was fascinated by the "baby" on the floor, and we let her go over to investigate. After laying some stuffed animals on him, she decided to see if she could wake him by pressing on his belly. She could not, so we went and had snack while A snoozed. He woke shortly and Lili and he had a blast dancing, squealing and trying their best to share toys.

Thanks J, for a fun morning reconnecting!

Corn Muffins with apricots and orange essence

Lilian attempting CPR on a sleeping A


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