Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Gymnastics

When Lilian was a tiny baby, we used to do "baby gymnastics" with her, which consisted of moving her legs up, down, and around in order to try to get her to pass gas (so that she would be less uncomfortable). Fast forward a year and some months, and we get to some real gymnastics!

Just before Keith got home from work today, we had a fun time playing on the big bed. Lilian has been working on her "handstands", where she tries so hard to imitate the big kids she has seen doing real handstands. She also accomplished her first ever real somersault! She has been working up to this for months! Somersaults are a favorite activity to do with Puo Puo, and so for her to do one all by herself is such an accomplishment.

Enjoy the video!


V said...

Yay! I think this started at our house when i was doing handstands in the hallway ^_^
Maybe one day i will get to teach Lilian how to breakdance.

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